Sassafras Garden and Farm, owned by Floyd Boatwright, is a small backyard garden. We hybridize modern Tetraploid Dayliles, and specialize in bi-tone and bi-colored flowers. However, we take what mother nature give us and run. I have been working with daylilies since the middle 1950’s, when my Grandmother encouraged me with flowers. I always had flowers, until I was drafted into the military in 1966 and spent a year in Vietnam.

After returning home it took a couple of years to get my head uncorked from the military and a move to Hartsville, South Carolina. I bought more plants without names just because of their beauty. In 1986 I pulled up all the plants without names and trashed them, and purchased the named varieties. Then in 1990 the hybridizing bug bit me, and the rage was on; at one time I had approximately 1000 different cultivars.

I retired in 2002 and continued with the large number of cultivars until 2012 when I reduced the number to about 150 cultivars, primarily my own introductions. Today, I try to grow about 1800 – 2000 seedlings, but only as a hobby. That being said, in the South Carolina summer, sometimes even that seems like too many.